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Literary Borrowing in the Work of N.S. Leskov: A Case Study of The Spendthrift

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“Precisely ‘that’”: Vladislav Chodasevič’s poetic technique in Mandel´štam's Novye stichi

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Blázni pro Krista. Kulturní dějiny jurodivosti In print

Ivanov S. A.

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Russian Officer Corps and Military Efficiency, 1800–1914

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About the School

The School of Philology was launched within the Faculty of Humanities on February 2, 2015 following a reorganization of the Faculty of Philology. The school, which brings together specialists in literary studies and interdisciplinary researchers of language, houses the Laboratory of Linguo-Semiotic Studies and the Neurolinguistics Laboratory.

The school offers undergraduate and Master’s programmes in Philology, Russian Literature from a Crosscultural Perspective, and Philological Hermeneutics – For Teachers of Literature (this programme is run by the Institute of Development of Education). Research work involving students forms an important part of the school’s academic life.

HSE Doctoral Student Develops E-thesaurus for the Russian Language

Daniil Alexeevsky, doctoral student in Philology, presented the final part of his thesis on the development of a large electronic lexical database of the Russian language, similar to Princeton’s Wordnet.

Alexey Vdovin's Talk at Yale University

Professor Vdovin to Give a Talk at Yale Conference "The Russian Century"

Bridging the Gap Between Slavic Studies and Translation Studies

From September 23 to October 2, the HSE School of Philology (Faculty of Humanities) will host Susanna Witt, Associate Professor, Senior Research Fellow, Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Uppsala University (Sweden). During this time she will lecture at a conference on World Literature as a Soviet Project, as well as teach several lectures in the School of Philology.

HSE Scholars at 23rd International Congress of Byzantine Studies in Belgrade

Professor Sergey Ivanov and Lecturer Varvara Zharkaya presented papers on Byzantine Culture

HSE Partners with International Project in Humanities

The Higher School of Economics is the first Russian university to become an associate member of a key project run by the Dahlem Humanities Center at the Free University of Berlin – ‘The Thematic Network Principles of Cultural Dynamics’. The project is aimed at strengthening international cooperation in the humanities.

Staff Members of the School of Philology Discuss ‘Distant Reading’ by Franco Moretti

On May 17 th, 2016, a presentation and discussion of the Russian translation of the book ‘Distant Reading’ by Franco Moretti was held at RANEPA media loft.

The Conference 'Challenging the Borders of Fantasy' in Wroclaw

Scholars from School of Philology discussed the poetics of fantasy

Alexey Vdovin's Talk at Russian and East European Institute (Indiana Univeristy, Bloomington, USA)

Professor of the School of Philology spoke about the Russification of Patriotism during the Crimean War, 1853-56

Video of a lecture by A.A. Gippius in Pokrovsky Cathedral

The lecture 'Pre-Mongol Rus through the epighraphy: the recent discoveries' took place on the 4th of February

Lecturer Anna Kovalova on channel 'Culture'

A new issue of 'Old Cinema' programme was devoted to Russian playwright Nikolai Erdman