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Book chapter
Valency Classes in Eastern Armenian In print

Daniel M., Khurshudian V.

In bk.: Valency classes in the World's languages. Mouton de Gruyter, 2015.

About the School

The School of Philology was launched within the Faculty of Humanities on February 2, 2015 following a reorganization of the Faculty of Philology. The school, which brings together specialists in literary studies and interdisciplinary researchers in the field of language arts, houses the Laboratory of Linguo-Semiotic Studies and the Neurolinguistics Laboratory.

The school offers undergraduate and Master’s programmes in Philology, Russian Literature from a Crosscultural Perspective, and Philological Hermeneutics – For Teachers of Literature (this programme is run by the Institute of Development of Education). Research work involving students forms an important part of the school’s academic life.

HSE BA and MA Students at the International Conference of Young Philologists

On the 12th - 14th February 2015 students from the School of Philology and Linguistics presented their papers at a conference of young philologists in Tallinn.

Article by Natalya Sarana Published in ‘Enthymema’

The School of Philology congratulates Natalya Sarana, Lecturer and postgraduate student of the School on publishing her article in the international journal ‘Enthymema’.

Finnish-Russian cooperation on lexical typology

From personal contacts to formal agreement

Slavic Derivational Morphology between Contact and Inheritance: A Corpus Driven Approach

On November 14 a research seminar on linguistics took place at the HSE.   Ruprecht von Waldenfels (Bern University) spoke on ‘Slavic Derivational Morphology between Contact and Inheritance: A Corpus Driven Approach’. The  event was organized  by the Faculty of Philology.

HSE Student at the International Research Seminar at Université Catholique de Louvain

On September 8-12, 2014 Elizaveta Kuzmenko, third-year student of Fundamental and Computational Linguistics (Faculty of Philology) took part in an international seminar at the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium). The event was dedicated to research projects based on materials of the learner corpus and titled ‘Learner Corpus Research Summer School’.

Invited Lecturers at the Indian Summer School in Linguistics Share their Impressions

Indian Summer School in Linguistics is a new project carried out by the Department of linguistics of the Faculty of Philology of the Higher School of Economics. The school is focused on linguistic typology and field linguistics. The audience includes bachelor and master students, Ph.D. students and everyone who is interested in linguistics. The school took place in Moscow at the Faculty of Philology of HSE on September 1-5 of 2014.

12 Languages Were Researched by HSE Linguists in Three Regions around the World during Trips This Summer

Instructors and students from the Fundamental and Computational Linguistics programme (Faculty of Philology) travel each year to conduct field research on languages. This year, they worked with understudied languages in Africa, eastern Siberia, the Volga Region, the Northern Caucasus and the Philippines.

Indian Summer School in Linguistics

The Indian Summer School in Linguistics — one of the HSE's summer schools — recently ended at the Faculty of Philology. Every day between September 1 and 5, dozens of students from the HSE and other Moscow universities and research centers attended lectures in linguistic typology—a subset of linguistics which compares both related and unrelated languages ​​to determine what is universal, what can vary, and what is impossible in language.

Dante Forever

Nigel F. Palmer, Emeritus Professor of Medieval German, St Edmund Hall, Oxford will make a report "Gospel Meditations in Late Medieval Europe: Three Voices from the Upper and Lower Rhine" at the HSE on September 24, 2013. The leading professor on medieval issues gave a special interview for the HSE news service.

‘Dostoyevsky’s 'Krotkaya' is itself a Research Experiment’

Professor Georg Witte talked to Ludmila Mezentseva of the HSE news service about his research and about plans for the Free University of Berlin and the HSE Department of Philology to work together.