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Goncharov in the Twenty-First Century

Зубков К. Ю., Guskov S., Балакин А. Ю. et al.

Academic Studies Press, 2021.

Book chapter

Poselyagin N.

In bk.: The Companion to Juri Lotman: A Semiotic Theory of Culture. L.; NY; Dublin: Bloomsbury, 2022. Ch. 16. P. 225-233.

Working paper
Language and Cultural Contacts in the Russian-Nordic Borderlands: Change and Continuity

Vlakhov A., Deresh A., Mironova E. et al.

Linguistics. WP BRP. НИУ ВШЭ, 2021. No. 108.


‘Dostoyevsky’s 'Krotkaya' is itself a Research Experiment’

Professor Georg Witte talked to Ludmila Mezentseva of the HSE news service about his research and about plans for the Free University of Berlin and the HSE Department of Philology to work together.

Practice and philosophy of language typology

Lectures by Prof. Dr. Martin Haspelmath

Linguistic diversity in space and time: An introduction to geolinguistics

Lectures by Johanna Nichols

Morphological Change and Variation in Modern Russian Verbs

Lecture by Tore Nesset (University of Tromso)

Russian Prefixes as Verb Classifiers

Lecture of  Laura Janda (University of Tromso)

HSE Faculty of Philology: the Official Birthday

On March 25th a meeting of the HSE Academic Council took place, where a new Faculty of Philology was officially established, and other organizational solutions were approved.