1. The Center of Russian Language at the Faculty of Philology, Higher School of Economics offers the Summer School of Russian-2014. The program is uniquely designed to address the demands of international students in language training, Russian peer communication, cultural and social events.
    We offer the following features:
    1. an intensive 10-week program (from 10th of June till the 16th of August);
    2. regular lectures in different areas of Humanities (Sociology, History, Folklore etc.) delivered by highly qualified experts in their field and specially designed to be understood by speakers with different levels of Russian;
    3. after-class support from teaching assistants;
    4. interactive online exercises designed by our linguists and language teachers;
    5. immersion through Russian peer interaction;
    6. informal extracurricular activities;
    7. internships;
    8. an original program of cultural and social events;           
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