Summer 2014 course description

Proposed courses for Summer 2014 (based on the levels of our students)

new!!! Summer 2014 – elementary Russian

General course in Russian (Практический курс русского языка) - is offered for three levels (from intermediate-mid to advanced-mid). Includes working on all aspects of language proficiency (grammar, writing, speaking, reading, comprehension).

Video course in Russian (Видеокурс русского языка)  - each class is based on one video clip (short movie, documentary, advertizing etc.): watching, working on the new vocabulary, discussing, writing a short essay on it. The class is offered for three levels (from intermediate-mid to advanced-mid). 

Reading in Russian (Чтение)  - each class is based on text in authentic or simplified Russian (from Russian classical literature and modern authors): reading is usually done as a homework, the class includes pre-reading and post-reading activities, such as discussions,  working on the new vocabulary, summarizing, writing a short essay etc. The class is offered for three levels (from intermediate-mid to advanced-mid). 

Russian Phonetics and Intonation (Фонетика и интонация)  a corrective course in Russian pronunciation, offered for three levels (from intermediate-mid to advanced-mid). 

Conversational practice (Разговорная практика)  - the course is focused around conversations occurring in natural situations. Most common activities include role games played in small groups. The course is offered for two levels (intermediate-mid and intermediate-high). 

Russian of Mass Media (Язык СМИ)  - the course is focused on specific features of Mass Media Russian. This summer it is only offered for advanced level students. 

Russian through Politics (Язык через политику).  This unique course is taking the students into the puzzling realm of Language in political discourse with all its shades of meanings, different possibilities of interpretation and the importance of its consequences. The course will be offered only for advanced level students.


Advanced Russian Grammar and Composition through Literature and Film (Грамматика и письмо через литературу и кинематограф).  This course is intended for heritage speakers of Russian and other learners with very strong conversational Russian who wants to improve their writing.


Selected topics in Russian Literature (Русская литература: избранные темы).  This course is intended for advanced speakers of Russian and will consist of reading and literary analysis of selected masterpieces of Russian literature.